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Issue #4 resolved

Assignee field seems not to be persisted

Andreas Knecht
created an issue

If I add the "Assignee" field to the issue collector screen, it seems when I submit a new issue, this field is not correctly persisted (since I have a "nobody" assignee).

Maybe I missed something but : - I tried with my user who have administration rights on my project => assignee not set - When I manually create same type of issue in JIRA, with my user, assignee field is set (so it looks like it isn't a permission-related problem)

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  1. Anonymous

    The issue collector is now a part of JIRA. The Issue Collector is bundled in JIRA 5.1, is available to all JIRA OnDemand customers, and there's an update on Atlassian Marketplace for the plugin that is JIRA 5.0 compatible: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/com.atlassian.jira.collector.plugin.jira-issue-collector-plugin

    Please raise any future issues with the Issue Collector on http://jira.atlassian.com. We won't be triaging or watching issues on this bitbucket project going forward.

    For this specific issue, as a part of productizing the issue collector, we removed any fields which would break for anonymous users, to make feedback forms as robust as possible. Assignee is one of the fields which would break for anonymous users, and so it has been removed from the Issue Collector.

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