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JIRA Issue Collector Plugin

The JIRA Issue Collector is now bundled in JIRA 5.1! If you need the plugin for an older version of JIRA, go to the Issue Collector entry on Atlassian Marketplace (https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/com.atlassian.jira.collector.plugin.jira-issue-collector-plugin).

FOR ANY BUGS OR IMPROVEMENT REQUESTS, please use jira.atlassian.com and not this issue tracker. Please use the JIRA project as it is a part of JIRA now. Cheers!


Need to capture feedback on your website or web application? Want to make it easy for end users to directly create bugs so your developers can act on them?

The JIRA Issue Collector plugin makes collecting feedback and bugs from your users and customers easier than ever.

If you develop web-applications or web sites, the JIRA Issue Collector is the best way to turn your customers' and users' feedback and problems directly into JIRA issues, all without requiring a JIRA login.

Instead of having to navigate to JIRA to raise bugs users will be able to raise issues directly from within your web-application, in a feedback form that you design!

Users will see a button (or "trigger") for feedback, and can click the button to raise feedback or bugs on a form embedded in your web application.

To create an Issue Collector, simply:

  • Configure an Issue Collector for a JIRA Project
  • Customize the Issue Collector with the headings, format, and JIRA fields that you want displayed
  • JIRA generates a single line of javascript for embedding the Issue Collector
  • Embed the single line of javascript in the page where you want the feedback button to appear.