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JVS-1106 The REST API Guard CI is breaking as it is using Postgres 8.4, changing it to use 9.5
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CONFSRVDEV-3933 Adopt platform poms 3.1.7, and switch from httpclient-plugin to httpclient-library
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Please see project documentation at https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/wiki/display/JRJC/.

In order to start JIRA please execute atlas-debug from test directory.

If you want contribute to project feel free to send pull request (preferably with tests ;)).

IMPORTANT: please do not touch the rest_api_guard branch - master is being auto-merged to that branch
so there is no need to do any changes there (doing so will cause conflicts).

To run a single test class, you can pass -Dit.test=ExamplesTest to maven.

In order to run integration tests on a snapshot cloud version of JIRA run:

mvn clean integration-test -Djira.version=1001.0.0-SNAPSHOT -Pjira-cloud -nsu

To run integrations tests manually, you need to set up JIRA with a running instance of postgres.

To start a pre-setup postgres run

docker run -p 5434:5432 docker.atlassian.io/jira-cloud/postgres-ci:9.5

and then in another terminal

mvn jira:debug -Ddocker.host.address=<Docker-machine Ip> -Ddatabase.port=5434

you can find your docker machine ip when running docker quickstart.