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JIRA Mobile Connect - Android (Alpha)

Including this Android library in your Android App will allow you to connect to the JIRA Mobile Connect plugin and all of the benefits that it brings. If you do not know what those benefits are then check out the indroduction here.

We want to take this time to note that if you have an Open Source App then you can get JIRA for FREE! And if you are a commercial project then you can get JIRA for free for 30 days and then have it outright for a mere $10 for 10 users per month.

Connection to the JIRA Mobile Connect plugin will enable the following features for your app:

  • Whenever an uncaught exception is thrown in your App, like an NPE or FileNotFoundException then you will get an Automatic bug report, complete with StackTrace, sent back to your JIRA instance!
  • The ability for users to send you Feedback that you can actually respond to! This works by making a JIRA issue for your customers feedback and allowing them to see the comment updates that you make to the issue.

So give it a try today and reap the benefits!


To get started you need to include JMC Android in your project as an Android library project. Currently this is only possible by checking out the project source (we are working on other options). This involves:

  1. hg clone of the JMC Android repository onto your local development machine

  2. Include the jiraconnect-android-core part as a library project in your IDE (it contains Eclipse configuration files for your convenience)

  3. Copy declarations from AndroidManifest.xml in jiraconnect-android-core to your application's AndroidManifest.xml

  4. In appropriate places in your code - invoke intents that will start required JMC Activity (see jiraconnect-android-sampleapp for an example usage)

Extra Information

Here are some more links and details that may help you get started with this library:

Even more details coming soon!

Recent activity

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