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JIRA Mobile Connect - JIRA Plugin.

This is the source code for JIRA Mobile Connect, a JIRA Plugin to make developing, testing and trouble shooting mobile Apps much easier. The iOS client library is also available free of charge via: JIRA Mobile Connect for iOS.

If you just wish to get started, and are not interested in the source code, then install the plugin straight from plugins.atlassian.com.


  1. In the Admin section of JIRA, 'mobilise' your project via the 'JIRA Connect' tab.
  2. Ensure the user named 'jiraconnectuser' has the Create Permission in your mobilised project.
  3. To view maps on the issue page, you will also need to edit the location custom field and add it to the appropriate screens. ( We hope to make this automatic in the future. )

Otherwise, to run and test this plugin locally, clone this repository then from the command line run:

$ mvn jira:debug
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