This is the Atlassian Performance Data Collection toolkit. It is used to collecting data to troubleshoot performance problems. Currently it is a server-side standalone application that exposes a series of REST APIs for collecting performance data.

Java Support

Currently only Java 8 JDK is supported.


Please see How to use the Performance Data Collector for full details on how to install & use it.

Advanced Settings

The following options are configurable:

  • Cpu Usage Sampling period. The default is 1s, it can be overriden with -Dmbean.cpu.sample.sleep=<ms to sample for> If you increase this over 5s the below will also need to be increased.
  • Collection timeout period. The default is 5s, it can be overriden with -Dcollection.timeout=<s to wait for>. For example java -jar -Dcollection.timeout=30 data-collector-1.0.3.jar to set it to 30s.

Contribution guidelines

  • The Development Guide is the place to start.
  • Put in a PR if you want to contribute, the default reviewers will be selected automatically.
  • Must follow coding standards such as having unit tests and follow the existing formatting style.
  • Ensure squash on commit is used when PR is approved to keep master clean.

Who do I talk to?

  • Please raise any issues in the issue tracker for any new features / bugs.
  • David Currie is the primary owner, preferred contact is through issues.
  • "CSS Server Eng" is the chat room for Atlassians.