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Issue #10 wontfix
ajk笑^ェ^ノ╯°□°)╯︵┻━┻ created an issue

Currently the UI is only available in English. It would be nice to support the same set of languages as Stash itself.

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  1. Bryan Turner

    Since this is an external plugin, it doesn't have the same TAC processes available as Bitbucket Server/Stash. I've revised how the plugin does its i18n, which should make it simpler to add translations, but unless someone wants to contribute translations for my i18n keys, it'll remain only available in English.

    However, I'll note that a future version of Bitbucket Server (perhaps 4.7, perhaps later) will include this functionality in the base product. When that happens, all of the i18n keys will be translated for the same set of languages as Bitbucket Server supports.

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