Large files aren't valid zips?

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Issue #11 closed
Kelly Schoenhofen created an issue

We have a repo that is 6.2gb according to Stash; when I try to get the archive zip it downloads a 2.4gb zip (which is about the right size I think) but everything says it's not a valid zip file. I've tried a few other repos and everything has been perfect - 500k zip, 4mb zip, 75mb zip, 113mb zip, those were all successful. I can't find anything in between 113mb and 2.4gb right now; I've tailed the atlassian-stash.log but no errors occur.

Is there a size limit? Is there a .zip file staged somewhere on the Stash server I can look at to see if the transfer is corrupting the file or perhaps not quite finishing?

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  1. Bryan Turner


    The zip file is not staged on the server; it's streamed directly to the client. I think you might be hitting this issue. In addition to the file size, do you happen to know the number of files in a checkout of the repository?

  2. Bryan Turner

    The most likely cause for a corrupted zip when downloading an archive is hitting issues inside git archive itself, as I commented previously. Upgrading Git on the server may correct the issue, if so. If someone has a reproducible instance of a zip file being corrupted and is using a recent Git version, I'd definitely be interested in hearing about it! Please open another issue here, or, better, at in the BSERV project.

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