Don't unnaprove on changed destination branch if target commit did not change

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Issue #13 resolved
Greg Whiteley created an issue


If the destination branch is changed, but the new destination matches (same commit) the previous destination don't unnaprove.

Use case

The use-case where this occurs involves splitting a single branch into multiple pull-requests:

eg branch feature_1 of (say) 10 commits

git branch feature_1_infrastructure HEAD^7
git branch feature_1_feature HEAD^3
git push origin feature_1_infrastructure feature_1_feature  feature_1:feature_1_tests

Then _infrastructure, _feature and _tests pull-requests go to different subsets of the team with:

feature_1_infrastructure  -> master
feature_1_feature  -> feature_1_infrastructure
feature_1_tests  -> feature_1_feature

Thus the pull-requests only include the relevant section of the original feature_1 branch.

Assuming no-one else touches master

The first pull-request can be merged by fast forward - now master == feature_1_infrastructure, and the target of feature_1_feature, can be changed to master, and so on down the line. In the end the original feature_1 branch has landed.

However on each target change the request is unnaproved even though the git tree (graph?) has not changed - only the name of the destination.


Alternatively I could workaround this if unnaprove on destination branch could be disabled separately to added/removed commits as per #11.

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