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PHP OAuth Example against Atlassian's Jira, also applicable for other Atlassian tools too
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Atlassian 3-legged OAuth Example

I'm currently looking for people to help build examples in GWT, Java, and PHP. The Ruby version is done and I'm currently working on the Nodejs version. Fork this then send me a pull request if you want to contribute. Thanks!

Atlassian's products have a built-in OAuth provider which it uses primarily to allow cross-product authentication/integration through the AppLinks feature. However, you can also use it as an authentication source for your custom applications and as an authentication source for Atlassian's REST APIs. Using OAuth allows you to build your apps without asking your users for their login credentials.

For more info about OAuth, check out for more information. Atlassian's products currently support OAuth 1.0a.


This repository contains a collection of sample code in various languages showing how to use Atlassian's OAuth provider. We currently only have a Ruby/Sinatra sample, but we'll be building this up to include other languages and frameworks.

Required setup

There are a few things you need to do to get these examples to work. This assumes you're using JIRA 4.4+ or Confluence 4+.

  1. Generate an RSA pub/priv key pair. Atlassian's OAuth provider uses RSA-SHA1 to sign the request. For the purpose of the examples here, you can just use the rsa.pem and keys stored in the root directory. Do not use the keys provided here for your own application. Please generate your own keys for your own application.
  2. Configure an Application Link. To register an OAuth consumer, you'll need to register an Application Link inside your Atlassian product. Refer to the Atlassian docs on how to do this for your product.
  3. After you've created an Application Link, configure an "Incoming Authentication" with the following details:

     Consumer key:          dpf43f3p2l4k3l03
     Consumer name:         OAuth Test
     Description:           OAuth Test Example
     Public key:            <paste the contents of>
     Consumer callback URL: http://<hostname where you're hosting this code>/auth

After you've configured your OAuth consumer, go to the directory for the example you want to test then read the for additional details.