Pawel Niewiadomski [Atlassian] committed e19487c Merge

Merged in alofkrantz/jira-testkit-example (pull request #1)

Updated to use JIRA 6.0-rc1, AMPS 4.2.0, TestKit 6.0.26 and JUnit4

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-        <jira.version>5.0.2</jira.version>
-        <amps.version>3.10.1</amps.version>
-		<testkit.version>5.0-m07</testkit.version>
+        <jira.version>6.0-rc1</jira.version>
+        <amps.version>4.2.0</amps.version>
+        <testkit.version>6.0.26</testkit.version>


 package it;
-import com.atlassian.jira.functest.framework.FuncTestCase;
 import com.atlassian.jira.testkit.client.Backdoor;
 import com.atlassian.jira.testkit.client.util.TestKitLocalEnvironmentData;
 import com.atlassian.jira.testkit.client.util.TimeBombLicence;
-public class MyPluginTest extends FuncTestCase
-	@Override
-	protected void setUpTest() {
-		super.setUpTest();
+import org.junit.Before;
+import org.junit.Test;
+public class MyPluginTest
+	@Before
+	public void setUp() {
 		Backdoor testKit = new Backdoor(new TestKitLocalEnvironmentData());
-    public void testIntegration()
+    @Test
+    public void shouldDoSomething()
 		// Put your test logic here
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