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Nick Menere  committed a4beec9

Cleaning up vm

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File src/main/resources/templates/scheduler-webwork-module/input.vm

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         <div class="buttons-container form-footer">
             <div class="buttons">
-                <input accesskey="s" class="button" id="assign-issue-submit" name="Assign" title="Press Ctrl+Alt+s to submit this form" type="submit" value="Assign">
-                <a accesskey="`" class="cancel" href="/browse/JRADEV-5237" id="assign-issue-cancel" title="Press Ctrl+Alt+` to cancel">Cancel</a>
+                <input accesskey="s" class="button" id="schedule-issue-submit" name="Schedule" title="Press Ctrl+Alt+s to submit this form" type="submit" value="Schedule">
+                <a accesskey="`" class="cancel" href="/browse/${action.issue.key}" id="schedule-issue-cancel" title="Press Ctrl+Alt+` to cancel">Cancel</a>