Unable to install on hosted servers

Issue #5 on hold
Timothy Beamish created an issue

We host our own JIRA and BitBucket/Stash instances on our intranet. They're invisible to the outside world but do have their own API, etc.

I cannot get this plugin to connect because it defaults to connecting to the public Atlasian servers. If we could configure what URL it wants to connect to, it might solve this issue.

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  1. Jack Koppa

    Thanks for the prompt response. Definitely a huge +1 from me for support for self-hosted instances.

    Even though we can't use it at this point, wanted to thank the team for your work on this. Especially this level of customer service: https://twitter.com/tc_saas/status/1100739145566167040

    Presumably, this is going to be a fantastic productivity booster for people on Cloud versions, and please let me know if there's anything we can do to help with or test the enterprise integration.

  2. Jean-Christophe Gay

    Also a huge +1 from me for the support of self-hosted instances. Let me know if there's anything we can do to help with or test the enterprise integration.

  3. GM Murugan

    all we need is an option to customize the auth URL's to on premise hosted atlassian bitbucket server

  4. Rhys Scheuner

    + 1 please!

    We host our own Jira but use cloud Bitbucket. Would love to have Jira ticket integration!

  5. Chris Wetterman

    Unfortunately I uninstalled this extension as soon as I installed it since it doesn’t support self-hosted instances 😕

  6. Manuel Martini

    Can you stop writing not useful messages like “+1“ or “it does not support self hosted“ please? The bug status is “on hold“ and this should be enough, because that means someone is already working on it, so be patient and wait for Atlassian’s team to implement this properly.

    I just voted this issue with the proper link and I am also watching it, but receiving boring notifications is a bit annoying.

  7. Mark Ewer

    I agree. This doesn’t do me any good at all if it can’t connect to my Jira or Stash servers. It would be nice to have this option since you dropped support for the Visual Studio extension…

  8. Smok Wawelski

    @Manuel Martini “on hold” actually means they see the problem but are NOT working on it at the moment:)

  9. fraunos

    Github has Reactions button, which gives a way to +1 without notifying everyone, which is helpful to see how many people are interested. Writing this just to also bump the issue, because we use self hosted too 😅 Sorry, there’s just no other way to give more attention.

  10. Jeppe Vennekilde

    @fraunos You can vote for issues in the top right of the issue. Same location as where you can follow it.

    This issue currently has 109 votes, followed by the second most popular issue, with only 26, so i assume they are aware of the popularity of the issue

    PS: Sorry to all the people watching this issue and got an email due to this comment 😛

  11. Andreas Frank

    @Jeppe Vennekilde Looking closely, it seems that even the second-, third-, fourth- and fifth-most popular issues are actually very similar to this one if not exactly the same issue…

  12. Daniel Bernard

    I’m driving a change at our company to migrate from ClearCase/ClearQuest UCM to Atlassian Bitbucket/Jira, where we’re using self-hosted Server versions.

    For the teams that are less CLI-minded, GUI-based integrations for Jira/Bitbucket would be a game-changer in being able to sell this as a practical and feature-complete solution.

  13. Ignacio Urruty


    Is it possible to know if this will be addressed in a near future? or we should create our own extension?

    If this will be on hold for 1 year, maybe is better to start doing another extension… 😕

  14. Leandro GUIDA

    We are a non-profit using an on premises Jira instance (Thanks for making this available for non-profit bt the way) and would be amazing to have this working. 🙂

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