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Derek Hockett created an issue

I recently removed and re-added the Jira and Bitbucket (Atlassian Labs) extension and now, nothing happens when I hover over an issue key. I have a Jira instance added and authenticated, I’m able to view Jira issues through the extension, and I have ‘Jira Issue Hovers’ turned on.

Extension log attached, I notice there’s a long string of errors for the atlassian.atlascode extension.

Extension Version: v2.10.1

VS Code Version: v1.63.2

Jira Server Version: v8.13

OS: Windows 10

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  1. Derek Hockett reporter

    The issue was resolved by rolling back to extension version v2.10.0, so whatever’s happening must have been introduced specifically in v2.10.1.

  2. Derek Hockett reporter

    I noticed the changelog for v2.10.1 only has a single bullet point, which is related to Bitbucket, not Jira, so I should also clarify that I have the Bitbucket features disabled for the extension, I’m only using Jira.

  3. Alasdair McLeay Account Deactivated

    Confirmed I have the same problem with 3.0.7, rolling back to 2.10.0 solves the issue (though I had to remove and re-add the integration).

    I am also only using Jira features, not BitBucket.

    Sonoma 14.1, vscode 1.82.2

  4. Alasdair McLeay Account Deactivated

    I would suggest this bug is not minor as it’s the only reason I installed the extension 😀

  5. Daniel Skowroński

    Same here on v3.0.9 under VS Code 1.85.2 on macOS 14.2.1 (23C71), connecting to Jira Cloud instance (in latest version). I didn’t have luck downgrading to 2.10.0 as now cloud API seems to have changed.

    However, I did find what caused the issue and how to fix it :)

    Problems occur only with issues that have non-empty description field. The simplest way to confirm that is to delete description from problematic issues and hover immediately shows up.

    Turns out, that between 2.10.0 and 2.10.1, npm library turndown that handles HTML to Markdown conversion was bumped from 5.0.3 to 7.1.1 (see 2.10.0#diff)..) I wasn't able to find what could happen there when using dev environment with raw code, but it turns out that in turndown 7.0.0 there was a change from JSDOM to domino. The last one is incompatible with minification and breaks only on compiled builds ( and That manifests itself with very weird Right-hand side of 'instanceof' is not an object that cannot be replicated outside build.

    As a workaround for fellow VS Code users, you can edit the source code of extension ~/.vscode/extensions/atlassian.atlascode-3.0.9/build/extension/extension.js and replace r.turndown(t.descriptionHtml) with (t.description). It'll disable rendering HTML in the description, but the pop-up will work.

    Maintainers should probably follow as older turndown with JSDOM is insecure.

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