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Mikhail created an issue

The filters are broken, provided that you have several clouds on one account. The extension shows the cloud filters where you log in the last time. Although it sees all the clouds

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  1. Camilo.Santana

    to recreate issues:

    • have a cloud account with more than a single site. auth the plugin to one instance - all instances bound to your cloud account will populate in the extension
    • delete any of the instances in the plugin - all disappear and an error is logged with the extension
    • add any JQL filter pointing to any instance other than the first one attempted to be added - all queries will show results from the first instance no matter which was selected
    • add any saved filter - you will only see saved filters from the first instance

    I suspect auth token is being mishandled or this feature never built out fully - not tested.

  2. Camilo.Santana

    anyone reading this, i suggest accepting the extension can only connect to one site at a time and commenting out atlascode.jira.jqlList in settings.json to preserve your custom queries.

  3. Camilo.Santana

    additional observation and workaround

    … when logging in with account, only one site can be functionally bound to the login.

    to add a second site

    and have it work as expected, you can workaround and use a different login account.


    Login A

    • site 1
    • site 2

    Result - will be able to interact with site 1 (because that’s the site selected when adding the account in the extension)

    Login B

    • site 3

    Result - site 3 acts as one would expect


    If you want to add site 2 above, you will have to create an additional account, login to said account in your browser and choose that site when adding another connector.

  4. Jörg Heyduk

    Same for me. I can only work with one site at all. I want to get the issues from multiple sites.

  5. Alexander Högberg

    Same for me, only selecting issues from the first site, even though both looks configured. The working site was not the site I selected in the “Login to Jira Cloud” flow

  6. Ruben de Wit

    This is still an very annoying issue that I deal with on daily basis.
    Maybe it helps if I visualise the problem:

    Steps I took:

    1. “Login to Jira Cloud”
    2. Select one site (the yellow one, starting with ac)
    3. Both sites are imported into the extension
    4. In the issue explorer the JQL filter only applies to one site, so yellow it’s issues will never appear

    I cannot create a new account and split the sites because those are corperate accounts connected to my work mail.

    Please help!

  7. Bobby Chien

    same for me. I have multiple Jira servers in enterprise environment. Please help to fix issue. Thanks.

  8. Marcos Junior

    Same here, even if the extension can see both clouds, and I can select the cloud on each filter, the filter only returns items on the first cloud listed.

  9. Marcos Junior

    In a couple of months we will probably sing Happy Birthday to this ticket that blocks us every day.

  10. Vladyslav Piskunov

    It’s now over 2 years! (un) happy birthday to this ticket! ANY progress on this please? How can we raise this to Atlassian team, anyone know?

  11. Camilo.Santana

    @Vladyslav Piskunov @Vladyslav Piskunov I believe this is a situation where, if it doesn’t sell more licenses, it will not be developed further. engineering resources align directly with shareholder interests - not user interests.

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