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Atlassian Labs demo site

Want to host a static demo of some code from Atlassian Labs? This is the place to do it. Demo code added to this repository will show up on http://atlassianlabs.bitbucket.org/demo-name

Unfortunately it's a little manual, but for now (until this is resolved) you will need to create a new directory for your demo and copy & paste your code into it. Make sure you delete the .git directory when copying your code.

In order to have a link to the demo automatically added to the http://atlassianlabs.bitbucket.org home page, please make sure that the directory name you use is the same as the repo slug for the repository in Atlassian Labs.

If you add a directory to this repo that you DON'T want to be added to the home page as a demo (i.e. if you add a css/js/whatever resource directory), be sure to add it to the blacklistDirectories in index.html