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This is the documentation for the 'Auto Wiki Gardener' add-on for Confluence.

How to use the add-on

Confluence can contain lots of useful information, but often there is also content which is outdated and no longer relevant. This can lead to poorer search results, confused users, and wasted time.

Some organisations have the concept of a 'Wiki Gardener' - somebody who has the responsibility to make sure content is kept up-to-date, and to remove obsolete pages. Others do not have such a role, instead everybody is encouraged to make changes themselves when they see an improvement that should be made. In practice, people like adding new content much more than they like cleaning up other people's pages.

This plugin is designed to address this problem, by making it more obvious to users that a page is outdated, and encouraging them to take an action to remedy.

The feature is configured individually on each space (disabled by default). When active, anybody viewing a page which has not been updated for more than 6 months will see a panel at the top showing: "The content of this page may be outdated".

If the user has the necessary permissions, the panel will also give them some options:

*Confirm* the content is still current. This will update the date, but leave the content unchanged.
*Edit* the page to update the content. This will put them into page edit mode.
*Remove* the page. The page is not permanently deleted, so can be restored from the trash if needed.
*Archive* the page. The page is moved to a pre-configured 'Archive' space, which hides it from search results.