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Avoid infinite loop within install Task.

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 import com.atlassian.bamboo.task.TaskException;
+import com.atlassian.util.concurrent.Timeout;
 import org.apache.http.Header;
 import org.apache.http.HttpEntity;
 import org.apache.http.HttpResponse;
 import java.util.Random;
+import java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit;
  * A helper class capable of submitting a plugin upload to a REST resource provided by Atlassian's Universal Plugin Manager.
             JSONObject response = new JSONObject(entity);
+            // This loop could execute indefinitely if the UPM on the remote server misbehaves and never returns an
+            // appropriate error response. To guard against this happening, only let this loop execute for a maximum of
+            // ~1 minute. Generally speaking, the Atlassian plugins framework grants a grace period of 60 seconds for a
+            // plugin to finish enabling. If we've been going longer than this, there's a good chance the plugin did
+            // not install successfully. We'll allow for 60 seconds, plus a little extra for the actual upload to happen,
+            // before terminating this loop.
+            Timeout timeout = Timeout.getMillisTimeout(90, TimeUnit.SECONDS);
             //no more polling is needed if there is no pingAfter value
-            if (response.has("pingAfter"))
+            while (response.has("pingAfter"))
                 int statusCode = status.getStatusCode();
+                if (timeout.isExpired())
+                {
+                    throw new TaskException("Plugin upload did not succeed within the timeout.");
+                }
                 if (statusCode == 200) //200 indicates the process is ok and ongoing.
-                    poll(polledEntity, baseUrl, client);
+                    response = new JSONObject(polledEntity);
                 else if (statusCode >= 400)
                     buildLogger.addBuildLogEntry("Plugin upload completed!");
+                    break;