The left navigation theme:
NOTE! The left navigation theme is now deprecated, instead consider using the
documentation theme.

* Removes the tab bar from across the top of Confluence pages
* Moves page- and navigation options into a left-hand navigation area
* If a space contains a page called 'Navigation', the contents of that space will
  be inserted into the middle of the navigation area

The ideal format for a navigation page is h1. and h2. headings, and bulleted lists of links. The CSS file packaged
with the theme will render these as navigation items.

If you use the {info}/{warning}/etc macros in a Navigation page, CSS-aware browsers will not display these
in the sidebar.


* Configure a global default Navigation page
* Configure a global override Navigation page
* Work out what to do with the existing left-nav pages
     * Space-advanced
     * Space-admin
     * Global-admin