Properties loader is not compatible with output from Babel 7 and Webpack 4

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Issue #1 resolved
Maciej Adamczak created an issue


There seems to be an issue with webpack in dev mode when I18n.getText translates into something like i18n__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_10__["I18n"].getText.
The production mode seems to be working fine, not sure if it’s related to minification.

We need to fix the Regex from i18n transformer in:

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  1. Scott Dudley

    @Maciej Adamczak While you are adjusting the I18n regex on the server side, I should cross-reference an issue I mentioned elsewhere, which is that I stumbled across certain types of source input .JS files that cause 100% CPU load on the host for many seconds on a single file (40+ seconds in my case) while the I18nTransformer is trying to detect I18n expressions. My first guess is that there is some sort of of O(n^2) behavior going on with one of the greedy components of the regex. If you’re interested in a copy of these input .JS files that provoke bad behavior, let me know and I’ll be happy to provide.

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