PR guidelines should not give 500 error as response

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Our CONTRIBUTING.MD is in the root of the repo. I installed the plugin with access rights to my accounts repositories with success. I have read and write access to the repository, but I don't own it.

Expected I see a rendered markdown file with our contributing-instructions

Actual "500 Server Error"

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  1. Abhin Chhabra Account Deactivated

    Hi Marko,

    I apologize for the error. I'd be happy to help. Would you mind sending a copy of your file to me via direct message and I'll investigate. I'd love to fix the bug that caused this.


  2. Abhin Chhabra Account Deactivated

    Hi Marko,

    I recently changed the way the markdown parsing works. You can actually see that all for yourself now since I've also open-sourced the add-on. Can you please attempt again and let me know if the page renders correctly now?


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