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In order to write a good we would need better markdown support.

I tried to format my a bit more fancy so that it's easier to read and and help convey the information better, but this plugins breaks down left and right when you do so. A is already a pretty boring document but at the same time very important, having proper markdown support will improve the read ability of the document. Forcing us to only use headers and a single block below each h1 and h2 header is not going to cut it.

Here are some points that could improve this plugin:

  • Display the text that is put before the first h1 as this might have some general information.
  • add H3 support to create smaller sub sections
  • list support in h1 ( currently bullets work but mark up is broken IMO )
  • Allow for multiple block elements in h1, h2 and h3 when supported
  • Allow reference links to be used, inline links are prone to error when u have to change a single url with in a document.

If there is no desire to improve the allowed markup in the I would suggest using a differed filename for this plugin since this file is a defacto for very important information.

I attached a which show where the markdown breaks.

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