#1 Merged

Changes for 6.x

  1. vrenjith avatarvrenjith
  • Minor changes for 6.x
  • The usage of firstcall variable was missing (as I could understand). Added.
  • Added an event handler to clear the modified flag for NEW_CONTENT_ADDED

Comments (4)

  1. Robert Smart

    Come chat to me on Monday. I'm really happy to see this updated :). I just want to check about the NEW_CONTENT_ADDED because I think we need to refetch the issue key at that time right?

  2. vrenjith author

    Sure, will meet on Monday. As per my understanding NEW_CONTENT_ADDED happens when the same issue changes. Else needs to add the setup function call in the NEW_CONTENT_ADDED. May be it is safe anyway to do that (considering Issue detail view)

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