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ruby 2.0

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 source 'http://rubygems.org'
 gem 'bundler'
-gem 'camping', '2.1.523'
 gem 'mab', '0.0.2'
+gem 'camping', '2.1.531'
 gem 'thin'
 gem 'foreman'
 gem 'redis', '3.0.3'
   remote: http://rubygems.org/
-    camping (2.1.523)
+    camping (2.1.531)
       rack (>= 1.0)
     daemons (1.1.9)
-  camping (= 2.1.523)
+  camping (= 2.1.531)
   dropbox-sdk (= 1.5.1)
   mab (= 0.0.2)
 module Amanda::Views
   def layout
+    doctype!
     html do
-      head do
-        title { "AMANDA" }
-      end
+      head { title { "AMANDA" } }
       body do
         div.container! do
           div.header! { render_header }
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