Matt Goodall avatar Matt Goodall committed a996daf

Make "serve" action's hostname configurable.

Sometimes 'localhost' binds to an ipv6 interface (and causes some browsers
problems) but it's also useful to bind to a public interface for testing with
other browsers.

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         print "Try it out with 'blatter serve' and 'blatter blat'."
     print "Done."
-def action_serve(port=('p', 8008), use_reloader=True, debugger=True):
+def action_serve(port=('p', 8008), hostname=('h', 'localhost'),
+                 use_reloader=True, debugger=True):
     """Start a local web server for content viewing."""
     from werkzeug import serving
     app = top_level_factory(config, debugger=debugger)
     if os.environ.get('WERKZEUG_RUN_MAIN') != 'true':
-        print "Blatter server starting for:\n\thttp://localhost:%s%s\n" % (
-            port, config.url_prefix)
-    serving.run_simple('localhost', port, app, use_reloader)
+        print "Blatter server starting for:\n\thttp://%s:%s%s\n" % (
+            hostname, port, config.url_prefix)
+    serving.run_simple(hostname, port, app, use_reloader)
 def action_generate(verbose=('v', False)):
     """Process all content in the site folder and place in the output folder."""
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