MoSQL Storage Engine

The MoSQL storage engine for MySQL/MariaDB (mosql-se) is a single component of the larger MoSQL system developed at the Unviersity of Lugano, now released under the GPL v3. For an overview of the system, please see the main project home page.

mosql-se requires mosql-storage to be running in order to function. The MoSQL storage layer is a fully-functioning transactional key-value system on its own, useful for applications which do not require full-fledged SQL transactions.


The MoSQL storage engine code uses CMake. It is a pain to build properly because it requires the full source of MySQL/MariaDB, so we will be making binaries available for different versions of MySQL. For the brave, you will require:

  • MySQL 5.1 (see the wiki/issues for support coming for newer versions)
  • Full source for the version you intend to run, not just the development headers!
  • [mosql-storage] built and installed
  • libevent 2.0+

An example of how to build using CMake:

cd mosql-se
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=~/local/mosql-se \ 
  -D MYSQLSRC_ROOT=~/src/mysql-5.1.51 \
  -D LIBTAPIOCA_ROOT=~/local/mosql-storage  \ 
  -D MYSQL_ROOT=~/local/mysql-debug-5.1.51 ../src


Assuming CMake ran successfully, run:

make -j 4
make install

To build and install mosql-se into the target installation folder.


In the scripts folder, use launch_db.sh to copy the shared library to the appropriate folder in your mysql installation (usually <basedir>/lib/plugin or <basedir>/lib/mysql/plugin) and launch the mysqld process.

To install the storage engine library into the MySQL server, run

INSTALL PLUGIN mosql SONAME 'libmosqlse.so';

In order for the plugin to successfully install, it will expect to find a single configuration file called 'tapioca.cfg' in the data directory of your mysql installation. The format is simple, it should contain a single line for every storage node you wish the MySQL server to connect to in the following format:

<Host> <Port> <Node#>

An example file where MySQL connects to two local mosql storage processes would be: 5555 0 5556 1