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use anonymousely paste by default, with -n or --netrc paste as user

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 def auth():
 	''' netrc: machine login USERNAME password TOKEN '''
-	try: 
-		creds = netrc.netrc().authenticators('')
-	except:
+	if or opts.delete or opts.netrc:
+		try: 
+			creds = netrc.netrc().authenticators('')
+		except:
+			return []
+		return [('login', creds[0]), ('token', creds[2])]
+	else:
 		return []
-	if not creds:
-		return []
-	return [('login', creds[0]), ('token', creds[2])]
 def mkreq(files, data=[], i=0):
 	for filename in files:
 	parser.add_option('-i', '--id', action='append', nargs=2,
 					  help='two params: ID, FILE. replace paste ID with FILE' +
 						   '. Use - if FILE is STDIN')
+	parser.add_option('-n', '--netrc', action='store_true', dest='netrc',
+					  help='paste as user instead anonymously')
 	opts, args = parser.parse_args()
 	if opts.get:
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