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Geoffrey De Belie created an issue

In the "Save file" window:

I would like the label of the file name to be a text box so that I can change the file name before I save the file to my favorite directory.

It would be a very nice addition to an otherwise perfect extension.

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  1. Atte Kemppilä repo owner

    Problem is that "Save file" window is a Firefox window where the browser itself and multiple extensions need to co-exist. Any "non-standard" modification to it is just asking for trouble.

    So, I probably won't implement exactly what you are asking, but I'll keep this open for now. Maybe if I get around implementing issue #2, it might help here also.

    Also, were you aware of the Always open save dialog setting in Options dialog or Ctrl+mouse click when selecting the save folder. Not quite what you were asking but they still provide a way to rename the file.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    How about, instead of an editable text box, you add a "Save as" choice beneath the existing choices. We can see what the name is going to be, at the top of the window, so if we don't like it we an select "Save As..." and choose a different name,to be saved to he standard location. I would find this a valuable feature worth a $20 donation if done well. You could also have an option to duplicate the existing "Save File To" menu but as "Save File As..." where you select the directory in the same way, but it then prompts for a different name. Or a checkbox that says "rename file" and then you choose from the existing "Save File To" menu. As a programmer, I would also be wiling to Beta test.

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