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Save File to / Preferences


Like all extensions, Save File to's preferences are available via about:config. Save File to's preference prefix is

Preferences that are in bold, are available in options dialog.
Preferences that are in bold italics, are available in optiops dialog only in advanced mode.

Preference Description
alternatingMenuPosition true: Open each sub-menu level on alternating sides of its parent menu. false: Sub-menu position is determined by subMenuPosition.
clearRecent Clear recent folders when browser is closed.
confirmRemove Ask for confirmation when an entry is removed from folder list in options dialog.
filter Glob for folder names that is hidden in menus. Supports normal glob wildcard characters '*' and '?'. Multiple globs must be separated with vertical bar character (ascii #124, due to wiki syntax limitations, actual character cannot be displayed here).
mainMenuPosition Position where main popup menu is opened. See here for possible values and examples. Note that not every value listed on that page makes sense in this context. See related preferences subMenuPosition and alternatingMenuPosition.
maxMenuLength Maximum number of folders per menu. If the number of folders is greater than this limit, folders whose name start with common prefix are compacted into a single menu item with a sub-menu containing the original folders. Zero (0) means that the number of folders per menu is unlimited. If all the folders won't fit the screen, menu will become scrollable.
minMenuLength Minimum number of folders per menu. This lower limit matters only if menus are compacted due to maxMenuLength limit. This limit ensures that menus are not compacted too aggressively.
prompt Open save dialog when folder is selected.
recentOrder Sort recent folder list by time ("lastUsed") or name ("name").
recentSize Maximum number of recent folders that is shown.
responseTimeout Time to wait (milliseconds) for response HTTP headers when downloading links. If response headers arrive within this timeout, filename is parsed from Content-Disposition response header if possible. Otherwise filename defaults to link filename.
startDownloadOnSelect Start download as soon as folder is selected in save file dialog.
subMenuPosition Position where sub popup menus are opened. See here for possible values and examples. Note that not every value make sense in this context. See related preferences mainMenuPosition and alternatingMenuPosition.
trimEmptyMenu Don't create sub-menus for empty folders. That is, don't create sub-menus that would have only a single "Save Here" menu item. Note that this slows down Save File to since it must take an extra step to check each sub-folder of current menu folder to see whether it is empty or not. This empty folder check can be slow if folders contain lots of files and/or your filesystem is slow.
<type>.enabled Is type enabled in context menu or save file dialog.
<type>.accessKey Type's menu item accesskey.
<type>.entries Type's main menu entries.
<type>.recent Type's recent folders.