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Save File to / Screenshots


Save File to adds Save Page to, Save Link to and Save Image to items to the main context menu. In the above screenshot, only the link item is visible. Many default items have been removed from the context menu using Menu Editor for the sake of clarity.

The first pop-up menu opened from Save Link to, lists recently used folders (here only one) and then two user-defined folders below the separator. The last item, Options… opens Save File to's settings dialog.

The second pop-up menu lists sub-folders of Documents. Save Here saves the file to Documents folder itself. Example Stuff folder has no sub-folders so it has no sub-menu and clicking it saves the file into that folder. Random Stuff and Stuff Stuff folders on the other hand have sub-folders and therefore have a submenu. In order to avoid long menu, folders starting with My… are automatically compressed into a sub-menu of their own.

The above is just an example that shows off some of Save File to's different features. Settings can be changed from Save File to's settings dialog (pictured below).

Optionally Save File to integrates into save file dialog.

The pop-up menu works the same way as in main context menu.

Optionally Save File to integrates also into Page Info dialog's Media tab where it can be used to save images from the page.

Multiple images can be saved in one go if you select multiple images from the list.

Save File to settings dialog's Main tab with default settings.

There is also some advanced settings that are hidden by default.

Save File to settings dialog's Page tab with default settings on Windows.

Link, Image and File tabs are similar. Basically each type can have different folders.

List items can be re-ordered by dragging them and they can be copied to other tabs for example if you want to use the same folders in all the types.