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Great extension, thank you!

It seems that it's not working on latest firefox (44). It isn't disabled, but it doesn't show the user scripts anymore (was working on ff 43), the wizard is not working, etc.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Dee F

    Agree, same for me. ThumbsDown and associated extensions are listed as being on my pc but won't activate or run scripts. Any help gratefully received for this time saving product. Love it! Thanks

  2. Atte Kemppilä repo owner

    Summary: New ThumbsDown 0.22.5 works in beta (ff46+) only. Not in current release (ff45).

    I have uploaded new ThumbsDown version (0.22.5) to [1], that should make the extension work again.

    The breakage was caused by syntax and API changes in Firefox. Everything should be working now again, but since there were quite a lot of changes, it's more than possible that some things are still broken.

    Let me know if you find anything broken and I'll try fix it in more timely manner than 0.22.5 was released.

    And actually, after I had already uploaded 0.22.5 to, I realized that it doesn't actually work in current Firefox release (ff45). In fact, it seems to crash the browser when you open Script Wizard. Some javascript bug in Firefox.

    But the extension works in beta and dev-edition (ff46 and ff47), so I'm propably not going to investigate that crash bug any further since ff46 should be released in April 19th anyway [2]. I haven't tested in nightly.

    Due to above mentioned reasons, I'll leave this issue open until ff46 is released.



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