Atte Kojo avatar Atte Kojo committed 1a01be4

Changed ounit -> oUnit in test/Makefile as per godi convention.

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 export OCAMLMAKEFILE = OCamlMakefile
 export OCAMLDOCFLAGS = -colorize-code -short-functors
 LIBS = unix str
 SOURCES = memcached_native.c memcached.mli
 RESULT = memcached
 export OCAMLMAKEFILE = ../OCamlMakefile
-PACKS = ounit
-LIBS = ounit str unix ../memcached
-INCDIRS = $(shell ocamlfind query ounit) ..
+PACKS = oUnit
+LIBS = oUnit str unix ../memcached
+INCDIRS = $(shell ocamlfind query oUnit) ..
 RESULT = memcached_test
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