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+Installation instructions
+Requirements: GNU make and findlib. For testing you need OUnit and a memcached
+This library uses OCamlMakefile for compilation, so building and installing the
+library is just as easy as 'make' and 'make install'. This will build both
+bytecode and native code versions of the library and installs them in the
+appropriate location using findlib.
+To change the compilation settings, look at the default settings in
+'OcamlMakefile' and change them as appropriate.
+Running the tests
+Thi uses OUnit for testing. To run the test suite, type 'make check' at the
+top-level source directory. Remember that you need to have 'memcached' in your
+path for the test to run.
+Just type 'make uninstall' at the top level and all files installed by 'make
+install' will be removed.
 name = "memcached"
-version = "0.0.1"
+version = "0.1"
 description = "Memcached - OCaml memcached client"
 requires = "unix, str"