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  2. ocaml-memcached


ocaml-memcached / INSTALL

Installation instructions

Requirements: GNU make and findlib. For testing you need OUnit and a memcached


This library uses OCamlMakefile for compilation, so building and installing the
library is just as easy as 'make' and 'make install'. This will build both
bytecode and native code versions of the library and installs them in the
appropriate location using findlib.

To change the compilation settings, look at the default settings in
'OcamlMakefile' and change them as appropriate.

Running the tests

This library uses OUnit for testing. To run the test suite, type 'make check'
at the top-level source directory. Remember that you need to have 'memcached'
in your path for the test to run.


Just type 'make uninstall' at the top level and all files installed by 'make
install' will be removed.