Multiplatform todo application for all major platforms

Javascript, React Native, Electron, Firebase

Multido is a cloud-based application family with the same codebase so it can be used on Mobile, Desktop or Web environment. Your data is hosted in the Firebase cloud. The system doesn’t use data encryption so you are advised not to store sensitive information on it.



Test with ready to use applications


Available via TestFlight. Send an email for invitation:


Available via TestFairy:
Download page


Packages in the downloads folder:
Downloads Folder


Install from repo

Open a terminal on macOS (expected environment: react-native-cli, npm)

Open any directory

cd your/folder

A.) One line command

Copy this line to the terminal

git clone && react-native init --version="0.43.2" Multido && rsync -a multidoapp/* Multido/ && rm -rf multidoapp && cd Multido

B.) Detailed commands

Clone the repository

git clone

Initalize a React Native app as follows

react-native init --version="0.43.2" Multido

Copy the content of the repo then delete the repo

rsync -a multidoapp/* Multido/ && rm -rf multidoapp

Open the Multido directory and install dependencies

cd Multido

A+B.) Initialize your firebase app

Create a firebase application:

Open the Database menupoint in your firebase project and click the Rules tab. Paste this code then save.

  "rules": {
    "users": {
      "$uid": {
        ".read": "$uid === auth.uid",
        ".write": "$uid === auth.uid"

Enable the Email/Password row in the Authentication / Sign-in method tab

Copy config data rows from the Web setup settings, and paste data to the firebase section of src/config/Conf.js file

Start the application from terminal

npm start

Desktop,- Web,- and Mobile application will open. After that might need to refresh the desktop app.

Additional information

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