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108 B
Add Mutt config files.
58 B
bashrc: Significantly improve shell prompt
57 B
Update hg-prompt
10 B
Initial commit.
133 B
xmodmap: Disable Esc, remove unnecessary keymaps.
126 B
Xresources: Set Xft.hintstyle to hintslight
12 B
Initial commit.
3.5 KB
bash_prompt: Various improvements
1.7 KB
bashrc: Invoke node without rlwrap
121 B
ctags: Include test and exclude doc instead
350 B
gitconfig: Ignore swap files when running Vim with Splice
823 B
hgrc: color and pager are now part of Mercurial core
46 B
Add config file for MySQL.
1.2 KB
psqlrc: Set linestyle to unicode
237 B
Tweak setup script a bit.