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Funny song (listen to original version)

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+"Mobile Dev Nerd" by Maciej Górski
+He doesn't have a problem with perl
+He just doesn't use it
+He's fine that his mates have SVNs
+But he thinks they'll regret it
+He likes doing reviews
+But he hates when the code's too smelly
+He tends not to go to dev conferences
+Cos he can't stand the crowd
+But all he's ever wanted to be
+Is a Scrum Master in Google or SoftwareMill
+But he knows that it's not very likely
+He'll soon turn thirty
+He knows that he will always be
+A mobile dev nerd
+He'll keep writing code the world will never see
+And though it won't be seen
+He'll just keep coding
+Oh yeah...
+original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XP9pnSXhibw