Screen disappears in all but top right corner once game starts.

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I'm trying to play Harvest moon 64 but the only things that show up correctly are the company logos for "Natsume" and "Toybox" in the very beginning of the game. Once the main menu pops up that says, "Press Start," all but a rectangle shape in the top right corner turns black. I know the ROM is good because I've tried it on "Mupen64" and "SixtyForce." I just can't figure out how to save games on Mupen64, and SixtyForce has to have a paid registration before you can save games.

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  1. Marianne Gagnon repo owner


    a few things to clarify first. Which OS are you on? I assume OSX since you said sixtyforce but better check and be sure. Second, have you tried using another video plugin? The default is Rice, but Glide tends to often give very good result. So please go in plugins option, select Glide, and try again to see if things work any better

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