wxMupen64Plus / License.txt

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== wxMupen64Plus code ==
Released under GNU GPL 2 or later
Copyright (C) 2011 Marianne Gagnon, based on work by Richard Goedeken

== wxMupen64Plus Data files ==
From the Oxygen icon set, released under GNU LGPL 3 or later :
    audio.png      emulation.png  input.png      other.png      pause.png
    play.png       plugins.png    stop.png       video.png

From the Tango icon set, released under public domain :
    up.png         down.png       left.png       right.png      warning.png

Copyright: The Mupen64plus Team / Copyright (C) 2008 Tillin9
Released under the Creative Common Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license (
    mupenicon.png  wxMupen64Plus.icns mupenicon_large.png wxmupen64plus.ico
    mupen64cart.png mupen64cart.icns V64Doc.ico

Released under public domain
    presskey.bmp cancel.bmp erase.bmp

== Waf ==
Released under the new BSD license
    By Thomas Nagy and others