wxMupen64Plus / waflib / Tools / compiler_d.py

#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
# Carlos Rafael Giani, 2007 (dv)
# Thomas Nagy, 2010 (ita)

Try to detect a D compiler from the list of supported compilers::

	def options(opt):
	def configure(cnf):
	def build(bld):
		bld.program(source='main.d', target='app')

Only two D compilers are really present at the moment:

* gdc, the ldc compiler having a very similar command-line interface
* dmd

import os, sys, imp, types
from waflib import Utils, Configure, Options, Logs

def configure(conf):
	Try to find a suitable D compiler or raise a :py:class:`waflib.Errors.ConfigurationError`.
	for compiler in conf.options.dcheck.split(','):
		conf.start_msg('Checking for %r (d compiler)' % compiler)
		except conf.errors.ConfigurationError as e:
			Logs.debug('compiler_cxx: %r' % e)
			if conf.env.D:
				conf.env['COMPILER_D'] = compiler
				conf.env.D_COMPILER = conf.env.D # TODO remove this, left for compatibility
		conf.fatal('no suitable d compiler was found')

def options(opt):
	Restrict the compiler detection from the command-line::

		$ waf configure --check-d-compiler=dmd
	d_compiler_opts = opt.add_option_group('D Compiler Options')
	d_compiler_opts.add_option('--check-d-compiler', default='gdc,dmd', action='store',
		help='check for the compiler [Default:gdc,dmd]', dest='dcheck')
	for d_compiler in ['gdc', 'dmd']:
		opt.load('%s' % d_compiler)
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