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Joseph Huang
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Which version of Boost do I need to compile master? I tried 1_56_0 and 1_64_0 but they both don't work with:

Error C1083 Cannot open include file: 'boost/geometry/extensions/algorithms/dissolve.hpp': No such file or directory BWTA2 C:\Users\joehu\Documents\bwta2\BWTA\Source\PolygonGenerator.cpp 3

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  1. Bart van Dooren


    I had the same problem, I'm using Boost 1_56_0.

    I get the error: Error C2061 syntax error : identifier 'traverse_error_type' BWTA2 C:\Users\amara\Desktop\BWAPI-CLI-master\Include\boost\geometry\extensions\algorithms\dissolve.hpp 90

    I'm not sure if I need to overwrite everthing from the link you supplied in your answer or just the file dissolve.hpp alone, both give me this error though

  2. rasmusan


    I also encountered this error. I dd not manage to make boost 1.56 work, but I DID manage to get the newest version of boost to work (boost_1_65_1) by adding the whole /geometry/extensions folder.

    Additionally, I think I managed to get the current master version of BWTA2 to work with the newest BWAPI (4.2.0). It did require some changes, compared to the tutorial on this page. I'll write them here, in case it can help someone.

    1) Compile BWTA2 from source. Include the directories

    • boost_1_65_1
    • BWAPI/include

    2) Follow this tutorial, starting from "Edit ExampleAIModule.h file"

    3) Compared to the tutorial, make the following changes:

    • In ExampleAIModule.h; add #include <windows.h>
    • In ExampleAIModule.cpp; remove BWTA::readMap();
    • Change the last part of void RapidAI::drawTerrainData() to:
    //we will iterate through all the regions and ...
    for (const auto& region : BWTA::getRegions())
        // draw the polygon outline of it in green
        const BWTA::Polygon* p = &region->getPolygon();
        for (size_t j = 0; j < p->size(); ++j)
            Position point1 = (*p)[j];
            Position point2 = (*p)[(j + 1) % p->size()];
            Broodwar->drawLineMap(point1, point2, Colors::Green);
        // visualize the chokepoints with red lines
        for (auto const& chokepoint : region->getChokepoints())
            Position point1 = chokepoint->getSides().first;
            Position point2 = chokepoint->getSides().second;
            Broodwar->drawLineMap(point1, point2, Colors::Red);

    4) When compiling ExampleAIModule;

    • include the directory bwta2/include
    • Link to ../lib/BWAPI.lib and /bwta2/lib/BWTA.lib
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