Daily Picture Email

This is a script I wrote for my mom's birthday to send her pictures of my son on a daily basis. I didn't really intend to publish it at the time, but some other people seem interested so I'm open sourcing it.

In the config file you can specify a source e-mail address, base64 encoded password, smtp server, and port. The base64 encoded password is by no means secure, but it typically means someone looking at your screen won't immediately know your e-mail password. If you aren't technically inclined, you can base64 encode your password here.

Additionally, you must set a source folder and destination folder. The source folder is a single folder with JPG files to be sent. The destination folder is where those pictures go on your hard drive after they have been sent.

Lastly, you can specify a destination e-mail address, subject line, and message body. There are special tags for certain items in the subject and body:

  • %(br)s - Adds a line break
  • %(full_date)s - A full representation of the current date
  • %(short_date)s - A short representation of the current date