1. Seraph Kong
  2. LitJSON_fork



A .Net library to handle conversions from and to JSON (JavaScript Object
Notation) strings.

Home page: http://litjson.sourceforge.net/


See the file INSTALL for generic building and installation instructions.

The 'configure' script for this package recognizes the following specific

    Disables the creation of debug binaries (e.g. LitJson.dll.mdb). These
    are enabled by default.


This library comes with a set of unit tests using the NUnit framework. The
'configure' script tries to find the necessary information in order to use

If everything is set up properly, you may run the tests with 'make check'.

Using LitJSON from an application

Once this library is compiled and optionally installed in the root
filesystem, .Net developers may use it by simply copying the .dll file into
their project's directory.

For those developers using standard Unix tools such as pkg-config and make,
this library comes with a .pc file to help in the process of consuming it.

One way this could work would be adding a rule in the Makefile (normally
called 'update-libraries') where the necessary .dll's are copied into the
project's source directory, and a text file is created with the flags that
are to be passed to the compiler. Then this text file is used in the rules
used to compile the project. For example:

	cp `pkg-config --variable=Libraries litjson` .
	pkg-config --libs litjson > litjson.flags

Demo.exe: Demo.cs litjson.flags
	mcs -out:$@ Demo.cs `cat litjson.flags`

For more information on this process, please see
<http://www.mono-project.com/Guidelines:Application_Deployment>, section 2.
Libraries with Unstable APIs.

Bug Reports

Please submit all bug reports, feature requests and patches on the project's
website at: