Martin Vejnár committed aebfe95

Newly created hg repository is noew immediately recorded in depsmanifest.

This way, the dependecy is properly tracked even if the requested
revision is not found.

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             self.ui.debug(_('creating a new repository: %s\n') % path)
         deprepo = localrepo.localrepository(self.ui, path, create)
+        self.manifest.set(self.alias_name, 'hg', '-', dir)
             otherrepo = hg.repository(self.ui, alias.location)
             targetnode = otherrepo.lookup(rev)
             deprepo.pull(otherrepo, heads=[targetnode])
-        self.manifest.set(self.alias_name, 'hg', '-', dir)
     def update(self, rev):
         dir = self.manifest.get_dir(self.alias_name)