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Allow depcommit only if there are no local modifications.

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             ui.write('R %s (%s %s)\n' % (dep.alias, dep.dest,
                 _readable_rev(alias.scmtype, dep.rev) if alias else dep.rev))
-def depcommit(ui, repo, nocommit, **commitopts):
+def depcommit(ui, repo, nocommit, force, **commitopts):
     '''save dependency state
     Update the .hgdeps file to reflect the current state of dependecies.
     The command will not work, if the working copy has either
     none or more than one parents.
+    if not nocommit and not force:
+        status = repo.status()
+        for part in status:
+            if part:
+                raise util.Abort(_('there are local modifications (use -f to override)'))
     manifest = _load_manifest(repo)
     deplist = []
     for item in manifest.itervalues():
             if not commitopts['message'] and not commitopts['logfile']:
                 commitopts['message'] = 'Updated dependency list for changeset %s' % rev[:12]
             mercurial.commands.commit(ui, repo, '.hgdeps', **commitopts)
+    else:
+        ui.note(_('no changes in the dependecy list\n'))
 def depalias(ui, repo, alias, location, type):
     '''bind an alias to a source location
         (depcommit, [
             ('C', 'nocommit', None, 'don\'t commit changes immediately'),
+            ('f', 'force', None, 'commit even in the presence of local modifications')
             ] + mercurial.commands.commitopts + mercurial.commands.commitopts2,