1. Albert Welkom01 van der Horst
  2. yourforth


This is yourforth : a compiler and scripter for the Forth language. Building the compiler from the single assembler file is surprisingly easy and the elaborate documentation, in the style of "literate programming", invites modifications, hence the name yourforth. The goal is to provide you with insight into how a compiler can be implemented. A set of exercises guides you if you want to go hands on. All the rest is available in the assembler file yourforth.fas.

Making your own Forth may be the true spirit, we don't loose track of the fact that Forth is a standardized language. Compared to ISO Forth, yourforth has a few omissions and still fewer small incompatibilities, documented separately.

I don't know whether you are familiar with programming from a text console. There are a few things related to that collected in pitfalls.txt

You can roam around in yourforth.html and get a pretty good idea of what is possible. A considerable part of the ALSO's are void. These indicate functions that were ommitted compared to ISO or a fuller Forth.

yourforth.fas : annotated source exercise.txt : set of exercises tsuiteyour.frt : Does my forth still work? yourforth.html : usage information

---------- background ------------------- isoforth.txt : what if I want to go standard? pitfalls.txt : linux do and don't information examples/ : directory with examples