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Welcome to supervision-scripts


As of May 3rd, 2016, project uses the ISC license. All versions prior to that date use the MPL 2.0 license, minus the Part B clause.


This project aims to provide supervisor run scripts. Initial support will be given for runit and s6, but there may be additional support for other supervisors in the future.

Another side goal is to provide an easy way for existing distribution and package maintainers to create run scripts for daemons that fit their environment. This means less time working on "glue scripts" to support supervision, and more time spent working on the daemon to be supervised.

If you are new to process supervision, you may wish to read up on this surprisingly simple and easily supported idea. Additionally, a(n incomplete) comparison of supervision frameworks, and their features, can be found here.

Design Goals

  • Provide a nearly-complete set of daemon definitions that are reasonably agnostic to the platform they run on.

  • Encourage adoption of process supervision by making it easy to incorporate into distributions and packages.

A design document can be found here.