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Instructions - Task Timer Light - v 1.0b1 (Beta)


Sherri Wheeler (SyntaxSeed.com) Email: avdeveloper at users dot sourceforge dot net Project Info: http://syntaxseed.com/project/tasktimerlight/


Lauren Lund (www.LaurenLund.com)


  • See license.txt.


  • Create multiple timers which behave like a stopwatch: start, stop, clear.
  • Log times to an accumulated (logged) overall total.
  • Install on a webserver with PHP to save timers.
  • Simple to use and install.
  • No webserver required.

Requirements (Server)

  • PHP 5 >= 5.2.0, PECL json >= 1.2.0
  • Ability for a php script to write to a file on the web server.

Installation (Local)

  • Extract the project archive to a location on your computer.
  • Open the page index.html in your web browser.
  • Get started by adding a new timer using the box in the upper right corner.
  • Note: there is no saving for the local version. All timers are lost if the page is refreshed or closed.

Installation (Server)

  • Extract the project archive to a webserver with PHP 5.2+.
  • Ensure that the file timers.dat is writeable by the web server user running PHP (chmod 755 or 777).
  • Open the file tasktimerlight/assets/js/tasktimerlight.js and set the variables in the configuration section.
  • (savingEnabled should be true, and serviceURL should be the web URL to the service.php file).
  • Visit the index.html page in your browser.
  • Such as: http://www.example.com/tasktimerlight/index.html
  • Get started by adding a new timer using the box in the upper right corner.


  • Add a new timer by entering a name for it in the box in the upper right corner.
  • Click the Start button to begin timing a task.
  • Click the Stop button to end or pause timing.
  • Click the Clear link to reset the timer to zero without logging/saving the counter value.
  • Click the Log button to add the current timer count to the logged/accumulated time. In the server edition this action will save the timer to the server.
  • When saving is enabled, you can only use one instance as at a time because there can only be one set of timers (ie one person using it).