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currently we have about 100 connected Git repositories and each day we will have more and more coming up. Unfortunately it is not possible to sort repositories alphabetically (in the backend).

It would be great to have the enhancements for the usability for this plug-in.

Thanks & Regards, Jan

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  1. Mitchel Kuijpers

    Hi @ggs_jszczepanski

    Very cool to hear you have more than 100 connected Git repositories! I do have one question though, do you mean you want to sort by name in the admin part of the Git for Confluence addon?

  2. Mitchel Kuijpers

    This sounds very reasonable, you can expect a update next week which will fix this. We'll let you know when it is ready to test :)

  3. Tomas Theunissen

    Hi Jan,

    We just released a new version (1.13.1), which allows you to sort most of the columns in the configuration screens. You can update to this version using the UPM in Confluence.

    If you have any other feature requests, or find any bugs, then please let us know!

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