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in our files we often use tables and code / bash examples. When we import the markdown files the table looks like a wiki-markup table (|| --- ||). The code blocks are gone and replaces by 'preformated' text. It would be a great enhancement to have the formatting from the git repositories (markdown) also in confluence.

Regards, Jan

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  1. Tomas Theunissen

    Hi Jan,

    I consider this more a bug than an enhancement ;). I'll have to check what actually is going wrong.

  2. Sean Jacobs

    Having a similar issue with our markdown formatting. The Git Attachment is a partial work around, but ideally our dev's would prefer to not have to manually add the attachments.

  3. Tomas Theunissen

    Just so you guys know, we have planned this issue for next week. So expect an update then.

  4. Mitchel Kuijpers

    Hi @sjacobs19 and @ggs_jszczepanski

    We fixed this issue in version 1.13.4 and now properly render tables an codeblocks. Please let us know if you find more markdown rendering issues.

  5. Former user Account Deleted
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    Hello @mitchelkuijpers

    we still have the problem. See the attachment. Tables are not rendered correctly :-/

    Regards,2015-12-04_10h20_12.png Jan

  6. Tomas Theunissen

    Hi Jan,

    That is indeed not correct. Does the file end with the '.md' extension? Are you able to send us the file, so we can test with it?

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